Why Cycling in Bangkok?

People often wonder why you would go cycling in Bangkok, but believe it or not, it is a fantastic way to explore the city and surrounding areas. Cycling is becoming increasingly popular among locals and you will often find people recreational biking in Bangkok.

A cycling tour in Bangkok gives the opportunity to explore the city at speed. If you only have a short time in just a few hours you can get to see some key parts of the city and learn about it's unique culture and history. On one of our Bangkok cycling tours you can also escape the city and by visiting the areas surrounding Bangkok, you can combine visiting places like Ayutthaya, Ko Kret and the Floating Markets, with some great cycling through the Thai countryside and local communitues.

On our cycling tours in Bangkok you can really get off the beaten track and explore areas you would not normally go. Along the rivers and canals there are narrow paths leading to traditional communities, that are not accessible by car and the normal tourist (even some locals) would not know about. There are 100s of temples each with unique features that are perfect for exploring by bicycle

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Biking Grade Guide
1 chilli = Easy Easy

Suitable for anyone who can ride a bike and can manage a bit of exercise. There might be the odd climb and descent, but on the whole - easy! Distances of between 25-40 kms/15-25 miles per day.

2 chillis = Moderate Moderate

For the leisure cyclist who exercises regularly and perhaps goes for a weekend cycle trips on roads or trails at home. Fitness is more important than technical ability for tours of this level, as the road surfaces will be smooth and the hills gentle. Distances of between 40-60 kms/ 25-37 miles per day.

3 chillis = Active Active

Suitable for reasonably fit people who are confident riding distances. Longer cycling days mainly on tarmac, with potentially jeep trails, broken tarmac but no real off road. There may be some hills and descents but not too many. Distances of between 50-80 kms/ 30-50 miles per day.

4 chillis = Challenging Challenging

Long cycling days and tougher terrain requiring specific experience of more demanding and technical cycling. Vehicle support may sometimes be more limited; the routes can contain rough tracks, so some off-road riding skills are an advantage. You should be confident of your physical condition and bike handling skills. In some cases the distances may be low but due to heat or altitude, the riding is still a challenge.

5 chillis = Tough Tough

Serious expeditions designed for serious bikers, which are either unsupported or very long hard tours. Riders should be happy to undertake long tough rides up and down steep mountains or following very technical trails in testing conditions. A high level of fitness required, as well as proven mountain biking or road riding skills.